Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Campus Regina Public course credits qualify for Post Secondary Schools?    

Yes, with the exception of our Plumbing & Heating course (which is locally developed and approved through the Ministry of Education). All courses are taught using the same provincially designed and approved curriculum used in every Regina Public high school.  The difference between our course credits and credits earned at other high schools is that our instructors fully integrate core credits with electives around a specified career pathway. Our courses are designed to ensure that all credits earned will allow our students to apply and register for all approved post-secondary courses.  In fact, our courses and credits earned at Campus Regina Public have allowed students to have applications considered first because they have industry and program specific outcomes.  On student transcripts generated through the Ministry of Education, Campus Regina Public courses appear as regular credits as do any home school credits.  Post-Secondary institutions consider our credits as the same as any other Regina Public high school.    


Do Campus Regina Public course credit fulfill graduation requirements?  

Absolutely!  The credits earned at Campus Regina Public are the same credits that are earned at other high schools, the significant difference being that our instructors design each course with the career pathway as the driving force for student learning and achievement!    


Where can I find out about the Post-Secondary requirements for Campus Regina Public career pathways?  

In the design of each course pathway, we have taken critical care to select a core credit that is required for post-secondary programming and the selected career pathway.  We have a guidance counsellor at Campus Regina Public who will help to guide students through the process of gathering information about post-secondary and career pathways.  We also encourage all of our students to continue the work they have done with their Advisory teacher and Guidance Counsellor at their home school.   

What time are classes?


CRP AM 10:10 – 12:12

Noon Hour 12:12 –  1:00

CRP PM 1:00 –  3:02