Submitted by darren.forbes on Fri, 06/30/2017 - 10:26

The Faculty of Education and the University of Regina have partnered with Regina Public Schools to add another dimension to our excellent, integrated Early Childhood Education program!

Since 2014, ECS 100 has been offered as part of our ECE program. Our students have the unique opportunity to achieve a university credit while still enrolled in high school. We are so very fortunate to have the expertise of Dr. Twyla Salm who not only teaches this required course for first year education students, but who also helps to bridge gaps and quell reticence about the idea of attending university.  Dr. Salm makes it both accessible and safe for our students!

We truly are a fully-integrated program where students can attain an ELA 20 or 30 credit, a Psychology or Career and Work Experience credit, and an ECS 100 credit—all at the same time.  Here is what some former students have said about our ECE class:

Sydney Vogt: “This is definitely my favourite class and it is great to be able to learn more about the development of young kids and get some experience working with them and teaching lessons!”

Cheyenne Rathje: “I love this class. I’m here for two hours a day and I love coming because I get to play with kids and do fun activities… This is the best class ever!”

Tabinda Ilyas: “Field experience has been amazing! We’ve gained exceptional knowledge. [I] never knew there was so much in a child at such a young age.”

Nicholas Bage: “I like how this class gives you real experience on what it is like to teach an elementary class as well as…what to expect from a university class.”

Chloe Anderson: “I love this class because of the hands on experiences we have, along with getting real experiences with children of all ages.”

Jaida Crichlow: “The ECE program has awesome educators and a safe and fun environment to be in.”

Hailey Harron: “I love this program because it teaches you everything you need to become a teacher.”