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Campus Regina Public is open to all Regina Public High School Students.  Students are bused from their home schools for a morning or afternoon and then return by bus for the end bell.  Students spend two hours a day in an integrated classroom where they will receive two credits.  One credit from the courses below, and one academic credit tied to that specific program. 

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Auto Mechanics


Auto Mechanics

The fundamental aspect of a mechanic’s work is basic vehicle maintenance. Students in Auto Mechanics will inspect, diagnose, and repair automobiles, trucks, vans, and other modes of transportation. Auto Mechanics students will work with vehicular hardware (body, tires, parts) and software (electronics and onboard computers). Other routine tasks will include basic tune-ups, oil changes, and lubrication






 Cosmetology is one of the fastest growing occupations in the personal care field. Cosmetologists improve their clients’ physical appearance and educate clients how to better care for themselves. As specialists in the area of skin, hair, and nail care, our Cosmetology students offer a variety of services that help clients look and feel their best. In order to prepare for the cosmetology business, students will learn the latest and best innovative techniques.








Culinary Arts  

From the rustic markets to the urban malls, and from express concessions to five-star restaurants, food stations serve the world. Culinary Arts offers students the opportunity to experience all phases of food preparation and restaurant service. Culinary Arts serves the public while teaching high level service skills to students.



Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education is designated for those students pursuing an education degree or interested in entering the child care field. In ECE you will be introduced to careers that involve working with children and youth. The ECE program provides you with general workplace skills, hands on training and the opportunity to attain a university education credit, which will prepare you for a variety of post-secondary disciplines. As well, this broad based approach will assist you in gaining employment in entry level child care positions.








Electrical & Electronics

If you are a creative thinker and often deliberate complex problems, then Electrical & Electronics could certainly be the program for you. Electrical & Electronics will help you understand more about the application of electricity, while real industry mentors will provide you with employable skills as you learn the process of electric services within your community.






Engineering involves the application of math and science combined with art and creativity to come up with solutions to many of the world's problems. Engineer's help make life easier, safer and more exciting for all people. If you enjoy solving problems or knowing how things work and have an aptitude for math and science then consider Engineering. This course will introduce you to the design process and develop your technical design skills. It will introduce you to industry standard design software as well as provide experience with the latest prototype devices such as 3D printers.







Fire Science


Fire Science

The Fire Science program focuses on knowledge and experiences for students interested in becoming firefighters.  Students achieve their academic outcomes through a focus on the chemistry involved in fire behaviour. The course also provides experience and instruction in preparation for the physical demands of the career.  Students have the opportunity to learn about a variety of firefighter career pathways with the assistance of partnerships with Regina Fire and Protective Services, Parkland Fire College, and Regina International Airport Fire Department.  Students also get the opportunity to achieve the highest level of First Aid certification.




Graphic Design 

Graphic Design combines art and technology to communicate ideas creatively and clearly in the marketing and advertising industry.  Graphic Design challenges students to create visual imagery for logo development, package design, and business communications.  To assist in their professional endeavours, Graphic Design students will develop an extensive portfolio showcasing their skills.



Graphic Arts

Health Science



Health Sciences

Health Sciences is designed for those students pursuing a medical or health-care profession.  In Health Sciences, you will be introduced to a variety of medical careers and explore basic health-care concepts and skills.  The Health Sciences program provides you with general workplace skills and specific health industry knowledge that can assist you in preparing for post secondary education in a variety of health care disciplines.





Home Renovation/DIY

It pays to acquire construction skills, either as a career or as a do-it-yourselfer. Home Renovation/DIY focuses on the investigation and development of a wide range of construction related skills. Many trades are involved in the building of a home, including design framing, drywall, plumbing, heating and painting. You will have opportunities to develop skills and explore career pathways that may lead you to your future if you enjoy building. Or you may simply be interested in knowing how to do it yourself, to save some time, effort and cash later on. Either way will give you a foundation you can build on.






Law, Public Safety & Security

Do you aspire to be that person in uniform? Be challenged both mentally and physically? Learn emergency scene management, defensive tactics, and arrest procedures? Law, Public Safety & Security (LPSS) is for students interested in the careers of law, police, and security. LPSS topics, including criminal law and fitness, are taught in a setting modeled after a law enforcement training facility.




Social Justice

Are you a critical thinker? And are you aware of certain social problems? If you are committed to creating a more just and equitable world, then Social Justice could be the program for you. Join your peers and learn the political ways to engage in a fair and sustainable society, while employing your core strengths to benefit your community.



Social Justice




Television and Radio Production

Television and Radio producers are responsible for stage and audio broadcast via radio, television, the internet, and other social platforms. Students of Television & Radio Production will take ideas from pre-production to public debut. Students in this course will be working with writers and crew members on settings, schedules, shooting, editing, and broadcasting.





Video Game & Design

Modern technology is creating endless and exciting opportunities in the digital world. Video Game & Application Design is the perfect program for creative thinkers who have eyes for the future. This course will explore animation, art, and music in order to develop programs for virtual-world applications and real-world simulations.



Video game design





Be it a small utility or an expansion bridge, students in Welding will learn to melt and fuse metal into objects designed for a specific purpose. Welding, as a science and an art, is a valuable skill leading to a great profession. Our students will spend their hours cutting, shaping, and combining materials to make different parts for a variety of industries.